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Adir - Herbs of KEDEM

Adir - Hair Regrowth Cream; and Prostate Shrinking Topical Massage Cream


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Adir - Hair Regrowth Cream; and Prostate Shrinking Topical Massage Cream: 100 ml



Scalp Care Cream; Cream for topical massage in case of BPH

100 % Vegetal cream for hair & scalp. Strengthens weak hair, and constitutes STEP 2 in the hair regrowth kit.

This creams helps block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, hence helps both in hair regrowth (for both women and men), by massaging it into the scalp once a day; and for shrinking the prostate gland (for men) by massaging it twice a day in the region between the anus and the scrotum.


Dead Sea minerals & water, virgin cold pressed coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Grapefruit peel oil, Shea butter, Argan oil, extracts of: Everlasting (Helicrysum italicum) ; Lavander ; Ylang ylang; Inula helenium; Coriander seeds; Olive leaf.

Usage Recommendations:

Massage small amount gently onto the scalp to complete absorption, twice a day (morning and evening). May be applied also on hair.


Can be applied after applying the Gadal solution. It is advised to use NIKUZIT detox tea while applying this treatment.


Additional Information

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* Dermatologically tested, not tested on animals. ONLY FOR EXTERNAL USE.
Purely vegetal ingredients.
Usage precautions : As for any product containing essential oils:
- In case of contact with the eyes, rinse eyes with water.
- To test for any sensitivity, start by applying a small quantity of the product. In case of
abnormal reaction (headaches, persistent skin reddening, nausea, dizziness), discontinue the
usage of the product.
« The efficacy of Herbs

The efficacy of Herbs of KEDEM products is optimized by the dosage and the synergy of the plants being used

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