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Adolescent Skin

Almogan - Oil for adolescents' sensitive skin Herbs of KEDEM

Almogan - Oil for adolescents' sensitive skin


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Oil for adolescents' sensitive skin: 10ml



An oil specially formulated for localized imperfections of oily, problematic
skin. Particularly useful for adolescents' facial skin or localized skin impurities
on other body parts.

Plants used:

Olive oil, thyme, savory, cinnamon, oregano, clove, melaleuca alternifolia,
pine, myrtle, lemon, lavender, ylang, geranium, wormwood, everlasting
(Helichrysum italicum).


On Facial Skin: apply locally using your finger or a Q-tip. Massage to
complete absorption.
On Body Skin: apply locally using your finger or a Q-tip, 4 times a day,
for one week.

The product may cause temporary skin reddening (up to 10 minutes long) on
the treated skin. For widespread skin imperfections, the application of NIMIT
oil, following its usage instructions, is preferable.

ALMOGAN oil contains high concentrations of essential oils, and is therefore
not recommended for children aged below 10.

It is not recommended to apply the product on large skin areas, or on sensitive
body parts (eyes contour, arm pits, skin folds, and sexual organs).

Do not apply on open wounds.

Wash hands thoroughly following the application, and avoid contact with the
eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, clean the eyes first with cotton wool
soaked with an edible oil, then rinse with water.


* Dermatologically tested, not tested on animals. ONLY FOR EXTERNAL USE.
Purely vegetal ingredients.
Usage precautions : As for any product containing essential oils:
- In case of contact with the eyes, rinse eyes with water.
- To test for any sensitivity, start by applying a small quantity of the product. In case of
abnormal reaction (headaches, persistent skin reddening, nausea, dizziness), discontinue the
usage of the product.
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