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RESELLERS & Wholesale DEAD SEA 100% Natural Products

Herbs of Kedem - Israel is presenting a new concept of Beauty & Well-Being using 100% Natural Ingredients including organically grown DEAD SEA region plants & DEAD SEA minerals.

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Become a KEDEM Reseller, and participate in KEDEM's VIP Program, an award winning program offering a suite of business growth benefits and programs tailored to help our partners enhance the end-value of KEDEM products, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive success.

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Kedem Eilat



KEDEM is one of the only strictly natural and
vegetable Beauty & Well-Being manufacturer.


Dead Sea products are well known over the world,
but on the last years many bad quality products has
been commercialized making bad name to Dead Sea
product. KEDEM is now the only all-natural, very high
quality Israeli cosmetics manufacturer.


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